Alarm clock by Frankie

On Frankie Annemarie said, “Frankie brought to the workshop the kind of energy and openness that all teachers dream of. A natural poet, Frankie has a great understanding of the human senses as they relate to writing. And more than that, he has a truly poetic grasp of the way in which time passes as we remain. When I read back over JFD’s writing, I was amazed at the elegance, beauty and gentleness of his words. In his poem ‘The Alarm Clock’ he writes “I wait for the warm from the sunlight rays, shivering through my window with the dust dancing””.


Alarm Clock by Frankie

You wake up to my ring each morning.
The noise breaks the darkness and stillness.
I’m waiting for the lamp to be switched on,
the heat from the light bulb to warm me up gently.
My time is tick-tocking quietly.
You can hear me ring.
But I too hear you
laugh, talk, being silent.


I sit on the desk next to your bed,
waiting as time goes by
to be touched,
waiting for you to touch my button
Then I feel you know I am here.
I wait for the warm from the sun-light rays
shivering through the window
with the dust dancing in the sun rays

I have not tasted anything and never will.
My tick-tocking time goes by quietly,
not knowing what taste means or feels for you.
But I do wonder, wondering I do,
Tasting food, what a joy to have.
I cannot see outside the window
that’s high above one of the walls.
I do dream and dream about seeing
what’s outside that small square in the middle of the wall.
I dream of the dust dancing forever in the sun rays outside.
as my tick-tocking time goes by.

I smell the food on your plate,
the nice smell flows in through the air within this room.
Nothing left but a smile.
I sit and wonder about what smells will bring tomorrow
As my tick-tocking goes by.
Quietly, so quietly, time goes by.

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