The final Bell by Paddy.

Annemarie  in her introduction to the pieces of work made a few comments about working with each of the writers. She said of Paddy’s poem The FINAL BELL that Paddy has a keen awareness of the human body as it stands its own ground in the world. He brings to his writing a boxer’s style, poise and confidence. In his poem ‘The Final Bell’, Paddy introduces us to Hector and Achilles in the sands of the colosseum as he writes “Who are chosen? Only a few”.


The Final Bell  by Paddy

The temperature is high

It makes my breath shallow

My knees are weak.
The colourful creatures in the crowd

are full of blood lust

It’s the two warriors’ pain that they seek.
I feel passion.

I desperately want to win.

Get in those six rounds.
It’s a fight of equals,

Man v Man,

at 175 pounds.
My colours are fire and passion red.

Hectors weapons are dark.

Sky moody blue.
Hector and Achilles in the sands

of the Colloseum.

Who are chosen? Only a few.
Forget the winter nights

and early morning runs.

It’s really me v myself (no intended puns).
Get up Prince of Troy!

I’ll not have a slip

on the wet canvas steal my glory.
Jesus, he’s up!

and his right catches me flush!

It looks easy to the creatures outside the ropes.


Inside it’s a whole different story.

City West Hotel,

Dublin’s Southside edge.
Big open space.

12 weeks of torture,

mystery.No more long distance race.
The training beforehand

is close to hell.

Fuck it! Nothing matters now.

I’ve just heard

the final bell.

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