PACE’s Aim.

The ultimate aim of the PACE project is to provide an opportunity for people to turn their lives around and to break the cycle of offending and re-offending.


The focus of the PACE project is on developing the individuals capacity to lead a stable, crime-free life by tackling health and mental health problems, offering supported accommodation and providing education and training that is geared towards the labour market. By providing much needed support for ex-prisoners and ex-offenders at a high risk time, PACE makes a vital contribution to the safety of the wider community.

In addition PACE has shown itself to be responsive to the needs of ex-prisoners by continually developing and expanding our services in a flexible and proactive way.

The challenge for an organization like PACE is to ensure that we continue to develop and offer a range of services and supports that the people leaving prison need in order to not re-offend.

Our social enterprise is one example of our forward thinking strategy.

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PACE is sponsored by the Probation Service and CDETB.